Jake Major (Nairdwood) is the Media Director of Morph Media Studios. Originally, Nairdwood joined Morph Media when they merged with Nairdwood Studios, bringing himself, Sian, Adam and Matt with them. He currently manages the Twitter and Facebook pages as well as editing content for the Youtube Channel with Chloe Thomas


Jake joined MorphMedia Studios as the Media Administrator from Nairdwood Studios in 2014; he has an addiction to GTA V and works in the Editing department alongside Rees, he’s responsible for such content such as Elder Scrolls Online and keeps all of the Social feeds in check.


Current Series

  • Euro Truck Simulator 2



  • "God Damnit!"
  • "Diamonds!"
  • "Well that was... something"


  • Due to Jake and Stephen being seen together in most collaborative series, they have been dubbed as a the Minecraft Couple
  • Nairdwood's PS3 is currently broken restricting him from playing GTA V with Morgan, Matt, Adam and Oliver
  • Nairdwood first met Morgan by the popular GTA: San Andreas mod San Andreas Multiplayer (SA:MP) on a roleplay server
  • Jake has two pets, a dog called Roxy and a cat called Bubbles.
  • Jake is currently Dating fellow MorphMedia Member Chloe.
  • Jake was the second brony to join Morph Media Studios, the first being Chloe.
  • Jake and Sian were a couple in 2011, and are still friends today