James's MLP OC, known as Honey Swirl, or Horny to his friends.

James Trussell
, (Born January 10, 1997), under the name Derpy, was MorphMedia Website Staff and a part time Content Creator, like Morgan. He is currently attending Luton Sixth Form College studying Radio Media and IT, as well as working on the Website Staff team he partnered with the content producers to play games such as Left 4 Dead 2 and Minecraft. As of 06/4/2014 he is focusing on the Forum rather than Content, but sometimes has the courage to try to make a video/series. At the moment, he is trying to think of games to do. Until then, we'll just sit back and have a coffee.

As of 21st of April 2014, it is thought that he no longer works for MorphMedia Studios.


James joined Morphmedia in 2014 after being apparently the metaphysical existance of Rainbows and Happiness, that was until he was captured off the plains of 'Equestria' by Morphmedia and literally channelled through the internet for the laughs and giggles of others. Those laughs and giggles are now charging a mech that will one day destroy the universe. But for now, yay bronies!



  • Serious Sam 3: BFE


  • "Ahhhhhhhhh"
  • "Rainbows!!!!"
  • "Cheese!"
  • "So as I was saying..."


  • Derpy James is the fourth brony to join MorphMedia, the first being Morgan, the second being Nairdwood and the third being Matt.
  • He is a Member of this wiki: DerpyJames.
  • His favourite MLP character is Rainbow Dash.
  • He has a MLP Original Character named Honey Swirl or Honey 'Horny' Swirl.
  • He has a serious crush on Morgan.
  • He has an addiction to Dr Pepper and chocolate (and food in general).
  • He has three dogs named Zara, Daisy and Amber.
  • He is known for his awkward comments at the most random of times, as well as bringing mind-blowing comments.
  • Did we mention he likes ponies?